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MK-ZRU — closed switchgear

MK-ZRU for a voltage of 6 ÷ 35…

MK-ZRU for a voltage of 6 ÷ 35 kV three-phase current with a frequency of 50 Hz is intended for receiving and distributing electrical energy.

MK-ZRU is a device consisting of one or several modular blocks, in which switchgear cabinets of 6 ÷ 35 kV, busbar bridges, bushings are mounted.

The number of switchgear cabinets installed in MK-ZRU and the type of installation (single-row or double-row) is determined by the terms of reference.

Air and cable inputs to MK-ZRU for current up to 5000 A, outgoing lines — cable and air. High-voltage cables from the switchgear linear cabinets are led out into the openings in the base (floor) of the MK. Also, through the openings in the base, control cables are brought into the MK. For overhead lines on the building, receiving portals are provided.

In MK-ZRU, depending on the technical assignment, electric heating, working lighting, emergency lighting, repair lighting, lighting of entrances, outlet networks, ventilation designed for assimilation of excess heat, air conditioning, OPS, ACS, SCS networks, video surveillance are performed, and cables and wires of internal connections for auxiliaries of the premises.

The main lighting of MK-ZRU is made by LED lamps, emergency lighting — by LED lamps with a battery or LED AC / DC lamps.

Heating MK-ZRU is carried out by electric heaters located along the walls of the blocks. Heating control — manual and automatic.

MK-ZRU is equipped with natural supply ventilation through air dampers and forced mechanical exhaust ventilation, or a supply and exhaust unit with filtration and heating of supply air. Air recovery in the ventilation system is possible. Installation of air conditioners is possible in MK-ZRU to create a microclimate.

The MK-ZRU is equipped with a 220 / 380V, 12V (24,36,42) socket network for repair lighting, a structured cable network.

The security and fire alarm system is based on magnetic contact sensors installed on the gates and doors of the building. When performing an access control system, the doors and gates are additionally equipped with an electromagnetic lock. The premises are equipped with smoke and heat detectors, glass break detectors, volumetric detectors, exit buttons and a manual call point. Outside the building, a «Siren» sound notification and a reader for disarming are installed. A fire alarm panel is provided with a control panel installed inside, a control panel, a switching device. The sensors are connected to the security and fire alarm devices with a fire-resistant cable.

At the request of the Customer, a video surveillance system based on stationary cameras and a video surveillance cabinet with installed equipment for storing and transmitting data is mounted in the building.

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