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— the leader in the production of transportable block-modular buildings in the Ural region, with a production capacity of 10,000 square meters of finished products per year.

The main specialization of the enterprise is block-modular buildings for electrical purposes, namely, indoor switchgear, control room, KTP, VFD, Reactor, as well as any other buildings for any purpose (compressor stations, communication centers, gas processing points, household administrative buildings, canteens, warehouses).

Production peculiarity.

Buildings are delivered in the form of separate transportable blocks of high factory readiness, with fully assembled life support systems (lighting, heating, ventilation, security and fire alarms), a finished building is assembled from the blocks at the facility.

Modular designs from block containers are becoming more and more popular every year in manufacturing enterprises of various fields of activity. Prefabricated modular buildings are used in the construction of power grid facilities, in the development of oil and gas fields, and are also used on an industrial scale in various industries.

Among our regular customers: JSC FGC UES, JSC IDGC of the Urals, JSC IDGC of Siberia, JSC Irkutsk Grid Company, JSC Rosneft, JSC Gazprom.

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Modular buildings

The modular buildings are delivered to the site in the form of individual transportable blocks of high prefabrication; the blocks are assembled on the site into a complete building. The buildings consist of one or more modular units in which electrical, technological and auxiliary equipment is installed.

The buildings are made of one or two floors and also with or without an intermediate cable half-floor.

Rapidly erected
modular buildings

Quickly erected modular buildings differ from block-modular buildings in that a complete set consisting of foundations, steel structures, trusses, sandwich panels and life support systems (lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, OPS) is delivered to the construction site. Assembly work is carried out on site by the assembly company. This solution allows significant savings on transportation costs.

  • MK-OPU — general substation control station;
  • MK-ZRU is a closed switchgear;
  • MK-AB — rechargeable batteries;
  • MK-K — compressor room;
  • MK-H — pumping units for various purposes;
  • MK-TP is a transformer substation;
  • MK-SX is a storage warehouse;
  • MK-C is a communications building;
  • MK-NCU is a low-voltage complete device;
  • MK-R — reactor;
  • MK-KRUE — complete switchgear in gas-insulation;
  • MK-FDT — room for placement of the frequency converter;

Frame and panel buildings

Framed (pre-engineered) buildings are delivered to the construction site in the form of finished steel structures for frame assembly, a set of sandwich panels, accessory elements, doors, gates, windows and life-support systems of the building. The finished building is assembled on site. The frame buildings are intended for installation of electrical and technological equipment, as well as for the needs of production, storage, logistics and agricultural industries.

  • Closed switchgear
  • Compressor stations
  • Storage depots
  • Logistics facilities
  • Garages, technical centers, car washes
  • Hangars


  • Certificate of Conformity GOST-R ROSS RU.AD44.404866
  • Fire certificate for compliance of the building with fire resistance degree II
  • License #66-B00965 for installation, maintenance and repair of means of fire safety of buildings and constructions
  • Certificate of compliance with seismic resistance of the building up to 9 points
  • Test report on the seismic resistance of the building up to 9 points
  • SRO certificate
  • ISO 9001-2015 certificate of conformity
  • Certificate of conformity for fire door EI30
  • Certificate of conformity for fire door EI60

RU — 0.415 kV and RU-11 kV for the Prirazlomnaya platform

Postavka MK-ZRU i MK-TP Barentsevo more Osobennosti: Vysokiye trebovaniya k korroziyestoykosti oborudovaniya; Proizvodstvo oborudovaniya osushchestvlyalos’ pod kontrolem Rossiyskogo Morskogo registra sudokhodstva Ещё 310 / 5000 Результаты перевода Delivery of MK-ZRU and MK-TP Barents.
  • Заказчик

    OOO Gazprom Neft Shelf

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110/6 kV «Kekura» (MBA 25)

Supply of MK-ZRU Chukotka, Bilibinsky District Features : The geographic remoteness of the facility has determined complex logistics The equipment was reloaded.
  • Заказчик

    CJSC Basic Metals

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Pontoons to transport the arches of the bridge Kerch

Supply of electrical containers with auxiliary systems Features : A unique solution that has no analogues; Production under the control of.
  • Заказчик

    PAO "Mostotrest"

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RTP-1 «Northern Slope»

6300/35/10 kV, RTP-2 «Lunnaya Polyana» 16000/35/10 kV. Supply of MK-RTP Karachay-Cherkess republic, Arkhyz village Features: • Seismic 9 points The building structure provides for a system bolt ties; • High demands on appearance •.
  • Заказчик

    Customer - JSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus"

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Permanent power supply to the Kerch bridge

Features : Three-layer paint system for use in salt fog; High humidity in the installation area A ventilation system with a hydrophobic.
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Substation 110 kV «Petrinevo»

The new modular building of the OPU is equipped with a modern relay protection and automation system (RZiA) and an automated information system for monitoring and.
  • Заказчик

    Branch of JSC "IDGC Severa- West" "Vologdaenergo"

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